Welcome to Overkill Motorsports. Overkill is about V6 Tuning and Performance Parts, specializing in the GM 3800 Supercharged L67 for over 14 years, GM 3.6 V6 including the LLT LFX LGX Direct Injection, Chrysler's 2011+ Pentastar 3.6 V6, as well as other V6 engines found in your GM W-Body and more! Not a do-all tuning shop, Overkill aims to be the best for these vehicles. Remember it's not just a V6, not if it's Overkilled!

We are a Canadian outfit, serving our great customers within Canada and across the United States of America. Note that pricing on our site is in United States dollar currency.

Please look around and see what we have to offer for your vehicle!

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