If you have a 2008 to 2009 Cadillac CTS with the 3.6 Port Injection motor, verified with the 8th digit of your VIN being a "7", then you're on the right page!

We are very pleased to be a premier tuner for the 3.6 Port Injection V6 found in your 2008-09 Cadillac CTS. As GM V6 tuning specialists, it's our task to improve the overall performance of your CTS, and improve how it drives. With Overkill tuning, you'll appreciate the benefits in all aspects of every day driving. Overkill tuning includes proper support for your additional modifications and retuning support is included as you add modifications.

What you'll notice:
  • Horsepower and torque gains of 15+ on 91 octane and 10-15 on 87 octane anticipated
  • Smoother acceleration, easier feeling acceleration, less peaky feeling to the power delivery
  • Improved response from the throttle pedal
  • Increased fuel mileage capability
  • Fully rewritten transmission shift points will downshift with less throttle input, upshift at better engine rpms, reduce bogging around town, improve how the vehicle feels by feeling lighter and easier to drive
  • Tuning For Aftermarket Intakes with larger MAF sensors
  • Speed limiter removed, Rev Limiter in Park raised
  • Tuning avilable for Supecharger Kits!
  • No Charge Retuning For Future Modifications for as long as you own your CTS

HP Tuners Suite: The way to provide our Overkill tuning for your CTS is to sell you your own HP Tuners suite. This is the same HP Tuner suite you purchase elsewhere but we include Overkill tuning services as well. This will allow for easy tuning delivery, custom tuning revisions and retuning for future modifications. Overkill Motorsport is an authorized HPTuner reseller.

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Available exclusively at Overkill is the only larger throttle body upgrade for the LLT 3.6 engine. Not a machined or "ported" factory unit, this is a true larger throttle body, 76mm versus the factory 71mm. For your CTS, the gains are simple: more airflow at all throttle positions, significantly better throttle response, bolts right on with no wiring or manifold modifications required; inlet porting on the manifold is suggested to maximize the improvement in airflow but not required. No tuning is required for this upgrade! You will however need a new intake system coupler for the larger throttle body and it's 3.5" clamping area.

For K&N owners, use this 3.5" to 3.25" 90 degree silicone elbow (it will need 1.5" cut from each end) http://www.intakehoses.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=R90B-325-350&Category_Code=9DRESQ
For Airaid owners, use this 4" to 3.5" straight reducing coupler http://www.siliconeintakes.com/intake-pipe-reducer/pipe-reducer-p-539.html