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Product Listing -- Overkill 3400 V6 Computer Reprogramming

Overkill 3400 V6 Computer Reprogramming

Fits: 2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala and Monte Carlo and more.


The engine/transmission computer calibration is vital to the performance, efficiency and overall enjoyment of your vehicle!

We are pleased to offer our Overkill 3400 V6 PCM, an extensive refinement and revision to the "Powertrain Control Module" in your GM 3.4 V6 vehicle.

Whether your interest is in performance or fuel economy, our improved controller settings will provide increased power and acceleration, maintain a healthier transmission, provide immediately noticeable improvement in how the vehicle performs and drives and has the capability to increase your fuel economy. Whether you're an enthusiast car owner or consider yourself a normal car owner, these are differences you'll be able to feel and enjoy!


  • Retuned Spark Advance under all conditions to increase efficiency, improved power, faster KR recovery rates
  • Spark Advance optimized for either 87 octane or 91+ octane
  • Revised Air/Fuel calibration to increase power under heavy throttle
  • Reduced "Torque Management", removal of power limiters, removal of performance fueling delays
  • Increased fuel mileage capability: revised spark advance increases efficiency, reduced fuel use under heavy throttle, recalibrated part throttle fueling
  • Optimized shift schedule at part throttle for increased performance, reduced stress
  • Improved shift feel, reduced shift time
  • Revised Torque Management retained to reduce engine power during upshift, reduce stress
  • Reduces issues such as shudder/slip from standstill, torque converter lockup oscillation, plus intermittent hard shift common to 3400 Impala/Monte
  • A/C shutoff over half throttle to increase power, smoother idle speed, speed limiter removal, rev limiter in park/neutral raised, revised cooling fan settings for stock or aftermarket cooler thermostats with 1 minute key-off runtime, reduced traction control sensitivity, annoying SES lights disabled such as low temp thermostat and loose gas cap

If your vehicle has aftermarket modifications, we've tuned hundreds of vehicle modification combinations and can make additions and revisions to enhance intake/exhaust and more extensive modifications. We also have specific timing tables to get the most out of either 87 octane or 91+ octane.

87 vs 91+ octane The 3400 engine is very suceptible to engine knock/ping/preignition when compared to its peers. If you're purchasing a tune and looking for the most horsepower, we can do more for you if you're willing to run 91+ octane. If you're purchasing for a good performance increase, improved transmission life and behaviour, and fuel economy, the 87 octane tune will provide the benefits you're looking for.

Overkill 3400 V6 Reprogrammed Computer - $254.99USD charged at checkout (Price Breakdown = $149.99 Computer Tune + $75 Refundable Deposit On Computer + $30 UPS Shipping To Anywhere In Canada and Continental USA)

Select Your Vehicle
Select the fuel you wish to run
Enter Your VIN
Enter Car's Modifications

If you currently have an aftermarket 3400 PCM from another company, we offer a $50 discount off our regular purchase price when you return it as your core computer return. The PCM must be a commercially available tune and proof of purchase is required. Email us and let us know you have an aftermarket PCM you'll be sending in

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So how does this work, what happens when I place an order?
A: We have a supply of used computer modules in stock. When you order, we select the computer module identical your vehicle's factory computer, and they are reprogrammed with our performance calibration. These computers are then mailed to you, to swap for your existing factory computer modules.
You then have the option to return your original computer modules for the core charge refund. We use your factory computer modules to reprogram to ship to someone else. If you wish to keep your factory computer modules, we use your refundable core charge to purchase replacements for our inventory.
You are responsible for your own shipping charges and for returning the computers within the alloted time of 45 days after ordering to recieve your refund. The computers will need to be undamaged and in working order or your refund may be reduced or denied.
You may be required to have a CASE or Crank Position Sensor Relearn performed to match the new computer module to your engine. This can be done at a GM dealer or independant shop with appropriate scantool and the average cost reported to us is $30.

Q: I've never purchased off the internet before, or I'm located in the United States and never purchased from another country before, what can I expect?
A: No problem. Our checkout system uses Paypal, a company owned by Ebay. Through paypal, you will enter your shipping details and can pay by credit card or a bank transfer. Your financial details are secure with paypal, they are not transmitted to us.
We love shipping to fellow Canadians but we do the majority of our online business with United States car enthusiasts. We ship primarily with UPS. Transit time takes 2-5 business days to anywhere in continental Canada or United States. We ship twice per week, your order will on average take 2-3 business days to ship. If we do not have your computers in inventory, we will email you, and please allow up to an additional 3-7 business days to procure the computers that match your vehicle.

Q: How does your performance calibration compare to others, why buy from you?
A: 1) Our attention to detail. Others can brag about a "dyno tune", but dyno tunes don't improve how the vehicle drives. Many dyno shops that dynos many different types of vehicles don't take any time to drive the vehicles on the street for hours, days or even weeks in order to find areas of improvement that will make the car more enjoyable to drive. We do, infact this is our primary focus. Even though almost everyone may want that last 1 or 2 horsepower, almost everyone will be driving their cars daily under normal driving circumstances, and that's where improvements in our calibration over others will be very noticeable, moreso than the dyno graph folded up in your glovebox.
2) Customization. When you order your PCM, just specify your vehicle's modifications and careful consideration will be taken to account for each in the computer tune you recieve. And no matter how big or small the list is, from nearly stock to engine swaps, there are no extra fees for the customization we put into each computer tune.
3) The price. For the amount of features you get in an Overkill PCM, the time and effort that has been installed into each computer calibration, we feel we are a definite value and many have felt their Overkill PCM tune offers the best bang for the buck once installed and enjoyed.

Please Note: This aftermarket performance enhancing product is officially for "off-road" use only. Emission testing performance is not affected in most cases but we offer no guarantee of our tune being street-legal.
Please be advised there are no returns on these computers for any reason. If you do not like a specific aspect of our calibration, email us within 30 days of recieving and we can provide a retune of the computer we sent you at no retune charge, just pay shipping back to us and we will pay the shipping back to you. The computer module is warrantied for 90 days for replacement of the defective unit only with a similar unit.

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