Overkill is proudly a premier tuner for the GM 3.6 V6 family of engines. I not only tune and modify but I've personally owned several 3.6 vehicles. With specialized 3.6 products available from Overkill, choose the tuning that will support them, from E85 to larger throttle bodies to forced induction! Buying a RIPP, Edelbrock or Mallet supercharger and want PROPER tuning? You're at the right place. Even if you do nothing to your C/C pickup except the tuning, you'll appreciate the Overkill improvement to how your truck performs and drives.

What you'll notice:
  • Horsepower and torque gains of 15-30 on 91 octane and 10-15 on 87 octane anticipated
  • Stronger low end torque, less peaky feeling to the power delivery
  • Improved response and more natural feel from the throttle pedal
  • Increased fuel mileage possible, 1-3 MPG gains possible and will depend on your driving style
  • Fully rewritten transmission shift points will upshift and downshift at better times and won't bog the vehicle down. Cannot overstate how the vehicle will feel lighter and easier to drive. This is one of the most common complaints on the new Colorado/Canyon, you'll love an overkill tuned transmission!
  • Tuning For All Aftermarket Intakes including with larger MAF sensors
  • Tuning for Tire Size changes
  • Tuning available for RIPP/Mallet/Edelbrock Supercharger Kits, Overkill is a 3.6 Forced Induction tuning specialist!

What you'll get with your purchase:
  • Overkill 91/93 octane tune
  • Overkill 87 octane tune
  • Tuning support for datalogging and custom revisions

Why get an Overkill tune versus the competition?
  • Specialized in the 3.6 motor. From revised cam phasing, fully reconstructing spark timing tables and fully revised throttle calibration, an Overkill tune is more comprehensive than what you'll get at your local dyno shop. Our tuning includes comprehensive peformance calibrations on both regular and premium gasoline, and on E85 Ethanol; our competitors commonly don't offer 87 octane performance tuning.
  • Datalogging. You'll get your Overkill tunes but it doesn't stop there. You can scan with our handheld while driving and send that data for review and tune updates, to get a tune that's more customized for your vehicle. Our competitors commonly offer this service for extra fees or not at all
  • Support for your mods. Not only are we the only company with an E85 Flex Fuel conversion kit or a larger 80mm throttle body kit, but we also have the right tuning to ensure you get the most from them! Our competitors typically offer a preset tune meant for 100% factory unmodified vehicles only

HP Tuners Ė HP Tuners works on all model years. It requires a windows based laptop computer or tablet with USB port to interface with the vehicle inside the vehicle. Youíll use the software to read the factory tuning and upload Overkill tuning, along with take driving scans. Overkill tuning can support all our modifications including the supercharger systems and including 2017+ transmission support through HP Tuners.

EFI Live Autocal Ė Autocal works on all model years. Youíll need a windows based personal computer with usb port to transfer files to and from the Autocal however the Autocal works autonomously within the vehicle so you donít need anything but the handheld to read or write tunes or do a driving scan. 2017+ owners can receive engine tunes through Autocal. Given that easier use in the vehicle and the lower pricepoint, itís a popular option.

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Select Your Year
Any Performance Mods?

If you have a 2013-2015 ATS and already have a Diablosport device for tuning, I can provide Overkill tuning for Diablosport. Overkill tune files are provided through email which can then be uploaded to your Diablo device and flashed into your ATS just like the Diablo preloaded tunes. Purchase price will include several Overkill tunes plus tune revisions based on your driving scans. Keep in mind that Overkill cannot tune for bigger modifications like camshafts, superchargers etc but for basic bolt on modifications, no problem through Diablosport's custom tuning suite! Once purchased, you'll need to pull off the "backup" and "last tune written" files off of your Diablosport device's drive and email them to willoverkill@gmail.com.

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Autocal Handheld: The best way for us to provide tuning for your C/C pickup is through our Autocal handheld system. The Autocal handheld allows you to take the handheld to the vehicle, read the factory file, upload our Overkill tunes and provide scan data using just the handheld unit inside the vehicle. Return to stock calibration whenever you want, apply updates and retunes easily through email with us and Overkill retuning is available at no charge for as long as you own your vehicle. You'll need a computer that can run a windows based program and has a USB port to transfer files to and from the handheld.

Overkill is also a Diablosport custom tuner. Already have an Intune or Trinity from Diablosport? Upgrade it with Overkill tuning! You'll receive our Overkill tunes and tuning support for as long as you own the truck. Overkill tunes get loaded to the handheld and can be flashed just like the Diablo tune. 87 octane, 91/93 octane and E85 tuning all included in the purchase.

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The only larger throttle body for the 2012+ LFX 3.6 is available here at Overkill for the 2015-16 Colorado/Canyons. The factory throttle body is 72mm. Our 80mm throttle body solution dwarfs the stock unit and bolts directly to your Colorado/Canyon intake manifold which already has a 79.5mm inlet to take full advantage of this larger throttle body! One of the best upgrades you can do beyond our tune, this throttle body setup will improve horsepower at a dyno tested 11+ wheel horsepower, improves throttle response (particularly with Overkill tuning) and changes the intake note of the V6 to a deeper growl at heavy throttle.

Throttle body is a brand new unit, comes with an aluminum adapter plate, stainless steel bolts and some parts to assist installation.

Tip: This throttle body has a 3.5" clamping area, compared to the factory throttle body of 3". Ensure you have a solution available before installing the throttle body! Requires no tuning but works even better with Overkill tuning (if you're an Overkill tune user, you get a no charge revision for your Autocal).