Welcome to the new Cadillac CTS product page. In order to help you find Overkill products for your CTS, I've now put everything here on one page. Please look carefully if a product is specified for certain model years or engine choices. You'll find Overkill computer tuning for EVERY 2.8/3.0/3.6 V6 CTS, larger throttle bodies and at the bottom you'll find information about our supercharger kits for the 2nd generation CTS. For more information on the superchargers, you can visit the supercharger specific product page by clicking here http://www.getoverkilled.ca/ctssupercharger.html .

Overkill has specialized in tuning the GM 3.6 family of engines for well over a decade and owned 3 different GM 3.6 vehicles along the way. Whether you have the first generation of port injection LY7 or the latest generation of direct injection LGX, Overkill has the right tuning for your vehicle and your engine.

What youíll notice:

What youíll get:
2004-2007 1st Gen Owners: Tuning for your 5-speed automatic makes a HUGE improvement in its shifting, I canít stress enough the difference in how the Overkill upshift and downshift pattern changes how the vehicle drives for the better. If you have a 2.8, this tuning is for you too.

2008-2013 2nd Gen Owners: There are 4 different V6 engines in this generation and Overkill tunes them all. 2010+ 3.0 and 2012+ 3.6 owners, check out the flex fuel conversion kit to run E85 ethanol, which shows significant horsepower gains over gasoline. With flex fuel, can you can fill up with gasoline or E85, once Overkill tuned, and the tune will self adjust

Why get an Overkill tune versus the competition?

HP Tuners Ė HP Tuners works on all model years. It requires a windows based laptop computer or tablet with USB port to interface with the vehicle inside the vehicle. Youíll use the software to read the factory tuning and upload Overkill tuning, along with take driving scans. Overkill tuning can support all our modifications including the supercharger systems.
EFI Live Autocal Ė Autocal works on 2012 and newer 3.6 motors and 2010 and newer 3.0 motors. Youíll need a windows based personal computer with usb port to transfer files to and from the Autocal however the Autocal works autonomously within the vehicle so you donít need anything but the handheld to read or write tunes or do a driving scan. Given that easier use in the vehicle and the lower pricepoint, itís a popular option if your vehicle is supported.

Price Varies By Year
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Price Varies By Year
Any Performance Mods?
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This kit fits 2010-2013 3.0 V6s and 2012-2013 3.6 V6s and requires Overkill tuning, great to add with your tune purchase or receive a complimentary retune when you have Overkill tuning already!

Running E85 ethanol is worth a legitimate 10-15 horsepower gain over high octane gasoline. This flex fuel retrofit kit gives your CTS the ability to run either gasoline, E85 ethanol or any mixture of and the computer will self adjust. Overkill tuning, or custom tuning to turn on the sensor, is required. This kit is VERY popular as itís a great bang for your buck, you can run E85 full time or you can fill up only when you want some extra horsepower and gain a burst of speed. This is a great mod for 3.0 engines in particular, which have higher compression ratio than the 3.6, and benefit from the ignition knock suppression of E85!

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Overkill has exclusively developed larger throttle bodies for the GM 3.6 engine family. Depending on the year of your CTS, youíll receive one of two different options to upgrade the small 72mm factory throttle body to a larger unit. No porting work to the intake manifold inlet is required but can always be beneficial. These provide improved higher rpm horsepower, up to 11 wheel horsepower gain has been seen, and an improvement in throttle response.

2008-2011 models (all engines) will receive a 76mm throttle body. This is a brand new unit and a direct bolt on replacement with the original gasket and fasteners. The factory intake tube can be stretched over the larger throttle body.
2012 and newer models will receive an 80mm throttle body. This is a brand new unit that will come with an adapter plate to bolt on to the intake manifold. A larger coupling will be required to fit to the intake tube.

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The Overkill Procharger supercharger system is the ultimate bolt on modification for your 2nd Generation 2008-2013 CTS! It's so important, it requires its own product page. Click below to go directly there or go to www.v6supercharger.com and look for your vehicle's page.