Welcome to the Overkill Superchargers Accessory page. This is where you’ll find additional components to upgrade your system, plus select replacement parts that may be needed several years down the line.

Overkill now offers a water/methanol injection kit specifically for the Overkill supercharger systems and your vehicle. Injecting water/methanol increases the octane of the fueling in the cylinders and cools some of the incoming air charge, reduces engine spark knock in both cases to maximize your setup's performance or use to run more boost with no other changes required.

Rather than buy a universal kit, this kit is right sized and easy to install. The spray nozzles are preinstalled to ensure no air leaks or complications in a replacement throttle body coupler, the pump is top quality and 100% methanol compatible, the wiring harness for the pump is plug and play for easy install, a pump mounting solution is included and there are plenty of accessories to help install. The most common complaint of generic water/methanol kits is poor reliability, the focus of the Overkill system is to provide reliable and dependant performance with component selection, better installation and design.

For those interested in more technical specs, the pump flows 1.0GPM at open flow and is set at 200psi, the pump is activated by boost pressure above 3psi and sprays at full pressure, there is no controller. The pump mounts on stainless steel brackets, the hose is 1/4" nylon line suitable for methanol use. There are check valves in each nozzle holder. Pumps use fluid from the windshield washer reservoir; using 50/50 water/methanol from Snow Performance or Boost Juice will allow you to continue using it for windshield washer use, but for best results you can strengthen to around 70% methanol content.

Examples of when this injection would be beneficial: 1) Any time you want if you have a little spark knock and want to reduce it to maximize your current setup, b) You have a minor fuel supply issue from running 12psi or more, this will help supplement the factory fueling system, c) You can use it to run the Stage 2 10psi pulley without the Stage 2 kit, d) you can run the 12psi pulley more easily on a Stage 2 kit.

Assembled to order, allow roughly 1 week before shipping.


Your Vehicle?

Overkill Port Fuel Injection Manifold for E85 ethanol

An Overkill original and exclusive, the PFIM or Port F Injection Manifold is designed for E85 ethanol use with our supercharger kits. Designed for 2012-15 LFX engines, it will also fit 2008-2011 LLTs with an LFX intake manifold swap.

While Stage 3 can supply 10psi on full strength E85 ethanol, we need more fuel supply to run up to 14-15psi than the Direct Injection fueling system can provide under any circumstance. This manifold provides additional fueling by bypassing the direct injection and supplying fuel directly into the intake ports like the old style fuel injection systems. The system is dormant under regular driving and boost activated.

This system can also be used on LLT engines where lower high pressure fuel pump output can cause fueling restrictions on gasoline above 12psi. It is recommended to always perform upgrades to the DI fuel system components before using this manifold; while reliable, this is considered more of a race application part than a fuel injector or fuel pump upgrade.

No permanent modifications are required to the vehicle or engine. Tuning is required. The Stage 2 in tank fuel pump upgrade is at minimum required to run this manifold. The system replaces the lower intake manifold on LFX and can be used with either factory or ported upper LFX manifolds. System includes the lower manifold setup, fuel distribution block with braided lines for fuel supply, and a high quality relay harness and electronics to activate the system. If you have a JacFab LFX intake spacer it will need to be removed. This will work on LLT engines with appropriate components to swap to an LFX upper intake manifold.

The use of this manifold on E85 with our Stage 3 kits is the path to 500+wheel horsepower!

High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade - 2012-2015 LFX engines

This upgrade to the high pressure mechanical fuel pump (that attaches to the engine) allows for higher fuel pressures and increased fuel capacity. Part of the Stage 3 kits. A direct replacement and a short extra install time when doing the Stage 2 kit. Available only for 2012-15 LFX and 2010-13 3.0 LF1 engines at this time.

2012-15 LFX Only!

Larger Fuel Injectors - LLT/LFX/LGX Direct Injection engines

You can purchase separately our Stage 2 larger fuel injectors for all the direct injection 3.6s. These injectors will come as direct swaps and will support more boost pressure than factory injectors. LLT fuel injectors rate around 135#, while LFX rate around 124# and LGX at around 126# (factory sizes are 105/109/96# respectively).

Before it's asked, yes you can run the LLT fuel injectors on the LFX if you run an LLT fuel rail and modify the fuel injector wiring sub-harness. They won't fit the LGX.

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Replacement Tensioner Assembly

One eventual wear item on the kit is the belt tensioner. This is a replacement fully assembled belt tensioner. Put together with several custom components, it's better to sell you a full new assembly if you need it. Note for 2020 the new style tensioner body that will be more durable and provide better belt tensioner.

Tensioner Assembly

Replacement Catch Can Check Valves

The absolute newest check valves used for our catch cans. Not cheap but too important to cheap out on, these are aluminum body and Made In USA, they're also designed specifically to be opened with vacuum suction and will withstand boost pressure from the intake manifold at full throttle.

All come with 3/8" hose connections except 2016+ Camaro where one valve will come with one 1/4" hose connection.

Check Valves